turning ideas into realities

Developing your own product can be the way out of a hourly rate based business & compensation model into something with an exponential sales potential worldwide!

C-S-I modifies products to meet  country specific requirements or to create product lines  for broader markets. C-S-I modified above mats for the Canadian oil and gas industry and turned them into a product line that in the meantime is being sold worldwide.

C-S-I developes products using 3D mechanical design & engineering software. This software makes it possible to  reduce costs and failures in prototyping, and allows simulations that shorten the time to market. C-S-I developed above recreational trailer.

C-S-I programs software solutions for example to improve the efficiency and manageability of business processes. Our software solutions can be sold as standalone or integrated applications. C-S-I has been involved in the development of a software for Canadian ice arenas.

C-S-I leads engineering projects in the area of mechanical engineering. C-S-I founder solved above cargo and passenger door leakage problem together with procurement, field service engineers and structural assembly technicians.

C-S-I founder did a  concept study on adiabatic cooling systems for trains and built a prototype as part of the thesis at NTB University in Switzerland. He graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Applied Science (precision engineering) HTL /FH.