1. international business development
    international business development
    CSI supports small, midsize and large enterprises who seek access to greater markets, both locally and internationally. We assists OEM's in their trading activities, arranging distributors and more.
  2. corporate marketing
    corporate marketing
    CSI creates professional corporate marketing material specifically designed to reach your desired target markets. We design websites, logos, flyers, business and rack cards, and more.
  3. product engineering
    product engineering
    CSI designs, engineers and develops new or modified products for specific target markets. If you have a great product idea don't reject it instead talk to us.
  4. business engineering
    business engineering
    CSI develops and implements business solutions, from business model to business processes and organizational structure to information systems and information technology.
  5. dominion business consulting
    dominion business consulting
    CSI coaches individuals and corporations in finding their unique purpose in the marketplace. Purpose is the foundation for authentic visions that reveal the true potential hidden within every leader.
CanadianSwissInvest (CSI) specializes in dominion business development which leads to our main emphasis in international business development (CSI-INT). The approach CSI employs is based upon the fulfillment of personal and corporate purpose or what we call the unique business "fingerprint".  The focus is on reaching your full potential and destiny. We empower through complementary services by preparing and optimizing businesses for market expansions. Our consultants are leading experts who operate in their personal domain of gifting, having committed themselves to excellence by continuously investing in their own personal and professional development. As a result, a growing portfolio of top expertise and services is offered to our clients in support of their vision, helping them achieve what they are called to accomplish in their lifetime.
CanadianSwissInvest (CSI) ist spezialisiert in Dominion Business Development was zu unserem Hauptfokuss in internationaler Geschäftsentwicklung  (CSI-INT) führt. Wir ermöglichen es Firmen dank unseren komplementären Dienstleistungen sich bestens für neue Märkte / Expansionen ins Ausland vorzubereiten. Unser  Ansatz basiert auf der Erfüllung des persönlichen und geschäftlichen Zwecks, wir nennen dies Ihren einzigartigen Geschäfts "Fingerabdruck", als die Grundlage für authentische Visionen und Ziele, welche Ihr volles Potential freisetzen. Unsere Berater sind führende Experten die Ihre persönliche Domain gefunden und sich verpflichtet haben diese kontinuierlich für sich selbst und andere zur Exzellenz weiter zu entwickeln. Das Resultat ist ein wachsendes Portfolio von  Fachgebieten und Dienstleistungen die zur optimalen Unterstützung unserer Partner in der Erfüllung Ihres Lebenswerkes äusserst wertvoll sind.
  1. 1-PREPARE business consulting
    1-PREPARE business consulting
    CSI understand leadership as a lifestyle that affects any areas of our lives.
  2. 2-OPTIMIZE business engineering
    2-OPTIMIZE business engineering
    CSI consults enterprises with an emphasis on internationalization
  3. 3-EXPAND project management
    3-EXPAND project management
    CSI coordinates and / or manages projects internationally and / or locally


CSI has been involved in international business development for many years and categorized its main services as follows;

  • Dominion Business Consulting
  • Product Design & Engineering
  • Business Engineering
  • Trading & Investment
  • International Business Development

CSI services include tasks such as;

  • target market research analysis
  • market entry strategies evaluation
  • local project management
  • arranging of distributors
  • import / export support
  • business process optimization
  • marketing and sales
  • supportive product engineering
  • supplier & customer relationship management

For extended selection of professional digital services needed to prepare companies for greater markets visit digitalmall.pro

CSI ist seit vielen Jahren in international business development involviert und hat ihre Dienstleistungen in folgenden Hauptkategorien unterteilt;
  • Dominion Business Consulting
  • Produkte Design und Engineering
  • Business Engineering
  • Handel & Investment
  • Internationale Geschäftsentwicklung

CSI's beinhaltet Dienstleistungen wie;

  • Marktforschungsanalysen
  • Markteintrittsstrategien Evaluation
  • Lokale Projektleitung
  • Arrangieren von Distributoren
  • Import / Export Unterstützung
  • Geschäftsprozess Optimierung
  • Marketing- und Verkauf
  • Unterstützende Produkte Entwicklung
  • Lieferant und Kundenbeziehungen Management

Für eine erweiterte Auswahl von professionellen digitalen Dienstleistungen benötigt um Firmen für grössere Märkte vorzubereiten besuchen Sie Digital Mall.pro
CSI hasn't met one company yet, no matter its size or year of incorporation, that didn't need to be prepared prior to expanding into greater markets. The professional services shown in the digital mall are a result of what was needed to successfully prepare businesses for the North American and/or European market.
CSI hat noch kein Unternehmen kennengelernt, unabhängig deren Größe oder Gründungsjahr, das nicht zuerst für  größere Märkte vorbereitet werden musste. Die professionellen digitalen Dienstleistungen sind ein Ergebnis dessen, was jeweils für die erfolgreiche Vorbereitung von Unternehmungen für den nordamerikanischen und/oder europäischen Markt erforderlich gewesen war.


CSI  worked with a Swiss high-tech manufacturer of  ground reinforcement mats to launch their product in the Canadian oil and gas industry. CSI performed the market research analysis, was involved in country-specific product modifications and developments, created professional marketing material, organized sales campaigns and arranged field tests for interested clients in Northern Canada. 

Scobamat Scobalit AG
Sunlogics USA

CSI researched, arranged and was awarded a total of $35 Million CAD in research and development grants for a client’s solar plant in Germany. CSI led the entire grant application project, starting internally at the Canadian corporate headquarters and ending with the overall international coordination between the EU grant commissioner, banks, lawyers, real estate agents and field engineers.

CSI brought a German high-quality manufacturing enterprise before the world's leading specialist distributor of plumbing and heating products. CSI performed the market research analysis, created marketing material, to conform to the North American marketplace, organized sales campaigns and arranged customer meetings, including a face-to-face meeting with the client’s world -leading Canadian distributor.
Drehfix Deutschland
UnicoData Schweiz

CSI coached a Swiss ICT company in establishing its subsidiary in Kelowna, BC, Canada. CSI's engagement not only helped to strategically establish the client’s firm in North America, but now allows current and future CSI clients the tremendous benefits in international ICT services offered through a single, trusted company strategically located on both sides of the Atlantic. 

CSI prepared a large European industrial paint corporation for their strategic move to enter the North American market providing market analysis, industry comparisons and marketing recommendations. CSI's years of experience in international business development  has become a rich source of knowledge and assistance for companies seeking the best strategies suitable for both North America and the European Union. 

Motip Dupli AG Schweiz
Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

CSI founder led a major lean manufacturing project for a large international OEM. The aerospace industry is known for its complexity and effectiveness in lean manufacturing management. Production capacity was doubled by reducing warehouse floor space, the production layout was optimized, the overall process flow was streamlined, logistics system improved, and monitoring tools were implemented to reduce and prevent missing material, as well as increasing work safety for employees. This One Million Dollar project was accomplished on time, within 12 months.

CSI analyzed a bottle-filling company, applying 6 sigma lean manufacturing principles. Bottle-filling is a highly controlled and repetitive process involving enormous product quantities and strict quality requirements.  Within two months CSI identified the 3 main areas requiring attention and defined the corrective actions needed to significantly increase productivity and customer

Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

CSI supported businesses in refining their corporate vision, identity and design.  In an ever-growing world of competition, authenticity has become  more critical then ever before. The task of defining and visualizing a company's vision is not easy, but rather a demanding process consultants can help with. Check the digitalmall for reference projects.

CSI process engineered and coached an innovative web portal software development.  It is hard to think of a business these days that can not somehow be improved through customized software. Web portals allow users to access, process and sometimes even operate a major part of their businesses wherever they are, assuming internet
access is available.

Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

CSI designed a recreational vehicle product using 3D Mechanical Design Software.   Engineering design software such as Inventor Professional makes it possible to significantly reduce costs and failures in prototyping, and even allow stress simulations shortening the overall time to market. In addition, 3D modelled products are visually appealing for marketing and promotional purposes. 3D designed products are also easier to modify in order to comply with target market requirements.

CSI developed an adiabatic cooling system for trains. This thesis was initiated by NTB Interstate University of Applied Science. Adiabatic cooling system can save up to 75% energy costs. Besides saving railway transportation companies a fortune adiabatic cooling systems are an environmental friendly solution
Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

CSI restored supplier relationships on behalf of their customers. Companies greatly depend on their suppliers in manufacturing and shipping their products on time. Business relationships over thousands of Miles are often a challenge. CSI's local presence in Europe and North America combined with their trusted reputation and professional services helps to prevent misunderstandings, missing materials, delivery stops and more.

Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG

CSI developed a customized business software solution for a client serving the Canadian ice arena industry. This software is tailored to the exact needs of their industry providing the tools needed for them and their customers to work better and smarter. This project is a combination of CSI consulting and DigitalMall services.
Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG