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"International Business Consulting & Development"Our company's purpose is to support international business development for companies such as yours. Our professional leadership, consulting and project management services empower you and your to face current and future challenges with confidence. We believe that today's globalization has reached a point, where every single person and business, independent of geographical location, is directly or indirectly exposed to international competition. Unless business leaders think and act beyond national borders and authentic to themselves such competition may only increase. Therefore it is our vision, to support the transformation of local companies into international corporations led by authentic leaders whom master their area of expertise with sovereign excellence, to see leaders turning personal dreams into most powerful business vision targeted in solving major problems in the world. With our Head Quarter in Kelowna, BC, Canada and representative office in ZH, Switzerland, we are perfectly situated to serve you within and beyond the two largest free trade zones, EU and NAFTA.
NEWS12th of May 2015CSII offers an exclusive investment opportunity for manufacturers, system suppliers and other service providers who want to become part of our international supply chain for building-up unique wilderness resorts in Canada.7th May 2012CSII Canada launches an representation office in Zuerich Switzerland led by Andy Luethy28th of March 2011CSI has an exclusive distribution agreement of all Drehfix products in Canada.2nd of March 2011CSI brought the Swiss manufacturer Scobalit into the Oil & Gas Industry of Canada.The arranged market partner operates in the Tar Sands, a hotspot all want to make business, but only very few have access to.1st of March 2011OSEC confirms Canada as the ideal entry step into the largest free trade market NAFTAOSEC calls Canada "Schwitzerland of North America"26th of February 2011CSI has a distribution agreement for Virus / Smart Boats in Canada16th of February 2011CSI expands it's range of services with the corporation ship of CanadianSwissTrading (CST) 10 th of June 2010CSI shook hands with Canadian Country Singer Heidi Raye over a partnership agreement. Heidi promotes CSI's service to additional 100,000+ people in Canada and the USA. 5th of April 2010CanadianSwissInvest and SV-SoftwareSolutions negotiated an exclusive corporation agreement.CanadianSwissInvest consults, markets and sells their software programs world-wide.28th of January 2010CSI's grant application was approved from the European Grant Commission for CSI's private Canadian client based upon the condition that remaining financing is secured!The grant covers 50% of the entire project costs, which is the highest percentage possible or in other words CSI's private Canadian client will receive approx 35 million CAD (www.leg-thueringen.de)23rd of January 2010According to the Swiss Embassy, Switzerland is among the five largest foreign investors in Canada (www.eda.admin.ch)! 18th of January 2010According to Export Development Canada (EDC) Switzerland is considered one of the top 5 hottest export markets (www.edc.ca). One of the greatest challenges for Canadian exporters is identifying export opportunities and finding buyers, which is the core compentency of CSI!16th of December 2009Two significant investors came on board with CanadianSwissInvest providing increased skills and resources. 17th November 2009CanadianSwissInvest arranged and landed the first market partner / sales for Drehfix.1st October 2009The largest Swiss Export Organization (www.swissexport.ch) published CanadianSwissInvest as the main article in the quarterly Swiss Export Journal.More than 40'000 members such as the Prime Minister, Members of parliament, Export Cadre, CEO's and Universities read the article about CanadianSwissInvest.1st July 2009A free trade agreement became in force between Canada and Switzerland since 01.07.2009! Depending on the commodities, import duties between 6.5% to 9.5% are eliminated and the process is simplified.14th April 2009CSI entered into a contract with Fargate, (www.fargate.com) the largest export company in Switzerland.The first order included six products for which CanadianSwissInvest arranged market partners within Canada and USA.